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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Attack on Health Care Centers

 Helliniko 11/02/2013

       Press Release

The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko (M.C.C.H.) is clearly and categorically opposed to the attacks – even if only verbal – that took place against “Doctors of the World” in Perama, as well as The Panarcardian Hospital in Tripoli.

These attacks were conducted by extremists whose behavior is completely unacceptable at health care centers and against the democratic laws in this country.

Hospitals and clinics and every health care center cannot be the stage to voice the opposition of different political ideologies. Every health care center, including its many volunteers, struggles to serve all our citizens – of whatever nationality, religion or race.

We are completely opposed to such acts of violence, as is the vast majority of our society.

It would be more constructive to focus our energy on those forces which harm the social fabric and necessitate our citizens to seek help in the free community clinics and other volunteer organizations. It is unconscionable to attack the voluntary organizations that try to contribute to the public health and do what they can to preserve human dignity and a sense of community.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Needs

Last update 26 March 2014

A lot of people call and ask us what are our greatest needs, in terms of medicines.  .

Urgent needs:

Our patients need the following medicines, which we don’t have available


 - Boostrix polio
- Neisvac
 - Menveo

 -Exforge or Copalia  and EXFORGE HCT  or  COPALIA HCT (5/160 mg, 10/160mg , 5/160/12,5mg,  5/160/25 mg ,  10/160/12.5 mg, 10/160/25 mg, 10/320/25 mg)
 - INEGY ( 10+10 mg και 10+20 mg και10+40 mg)
 -Brilique 90
 -Pegasys inj
 -Crestor  (5 mg tab, 10 mg tab, 20 mg tab)
 -Ladose 20mgr
 -Salofalc 1000mgr
 -Asacol 400mgr  & asacol 800mgr
 -Coversyl 5 mgr  and 10mgr
 -Omacor / Zodin
 -Victoza pen 6mgr/ml
 -Spiriva inhaler
 -Spiriva tablets
 -Janumet  (50/850mg and  50/1000mg tabs)
 -Glucophage (850mg tab and 1000mg tab)
 -Seretide diskus 50+500 mcg
 -Norvasc 10mgr

 -Test strips for glucose monitoring (one touch ultra, one touch vita, contour, accu- chec aviva, wellion  etc.)
 -Extavia  / betaferon
 - Enbrel 50mgr inj.
 -Rebiff 44μgr
 -Lantus Solostar insulin
 -Cipralex 20mg / Entact 20mgr/escitalopram 20mgr
 -Carvedilen 25mg
 -Abilify 15 mgr, 30mgr
 -Risperdal 3 mgr
 -Renitec 20mgr
 -Αtorvastatin (Lipitor, Zarator, Atrost,  Biger, Holistein  κ.α  10 mg / 20 mg /40 mg )

 -Clopidogrel: ( Plavix  , Iscover, Darxa, Clopidogrel, Globel, Zystol etc.)
 -Simvastatin ( Lepur 10mgr, 20mgr etc.)
 -Triatec plus
 - Eucreas (50mg/850mg και 50mg/1000mg)
 - Controloc 40mgr και Pantium 40mgr( pantoprazole)
 -Symbicort Turbuhaler 160mg
 -Symbicort Turbuhaler 80mg
 -Lobivon 5mgr
 - Lobivon plus 5+12,5 mgr  and 5+25mgr
 - Zoloft 50mg and 100mg ή Sentral, or Sertraline
 - Nexium 20mg and 40mg
 - Zyprexa /olanzpine ( 5mgr ,  10mg, 20 mgr)
 -Pulmicort Nasal Spray
 -Pulmicort inhaler
 -Co-aprovel 300/12,5mg and 300/25mg
 -Nasonex Nasal Spray
 -Dexarina Spray
 -Pravachol 40mg
 - Thyro 4 0.1
 -LESCOL  ( 40mg and XL 80 mg)
 - Orizal 40/5mg
 -Co-Dalzad 320+25mg
 -Effexor 150mgr
 -Elidel creme Extavia  250ml
 -Cr Bepanthol
 -Cr. Daktarin
 -Cr. Canestein
 -Cr. Mycomycent
 -Cr .Ygielle , cr clindagel ( clindamycin vaginal cream).
 -Cr. Lamisil
 -Cr Betafusin ή Fusicort
 -Cr Betnovate
 -Cr Flixotide
 -Cr Elocon ή Movesan
 -Cr Butavate
For Scabies:
 - Shampoo Fungoral, Topladerm or Stieprox
Eye Drops
 - Lataz coll
 -Xalatan coll
 -Xalacom coll
 -Duotrav coll
 -Lucentis vial
Cancer Medications:
-Avastin 100mg and 400mg
-Zometa 4mg/ml
-Zoladex 3.6mg
 -Glivec 400mgr
 -Tevagrastim 300mg/05 ml
 -Etoposide 100mg
 -Bicalutamide 50mg ( Casodex)
 -Farmorubicin 50mg
*** End of Urgent Needs ***

We also have a great need of the following

1) We have an immediate need of additional medical professionals.  Specifically a general practitioner,  a cardiologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, gynecologist, rheumatologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist / hepatologist, pharmacists, child psychiatrist, endodontist, speech therapist and social worker.

2) Vaccinaitons for infants, children and teen-agers:
 Varilix or Varivax
 Act Hib
 Infanrix-Hexa / Hexavac
 Havrix / Epaxal / Vaqta
 Infarix – IPV – Hib
 Infanrix  x1 (1 pv)
 Infanrix 1pv  + Engerix 10  + Valiroux
 Boostrix Polio (diphtheria, tetanus, polio, whooping cough)
 Menveo (quad meningitis)
 Intamix – tetra
 Boostrix – polio
 Prevenar 13
 Engerix 10
 Engerix 20
 Viread 245mg

3) Insulin (together with strips for self-monitoring of sugar levels, i.e.  BAYER and needles)
 Lantus and Lantus Solostar
 Mixtard 30
 Humulin M3
 Levemir flexpen
 NovoRapid flexpen
 Humalog Kwik Pen Mix50 

4) Contrast media for CT scans
 DOTAREM 20mg and XENETIX 200mg

5) Radiation protection aprons
6) Supplies for Pap tests:
- speculum
- slides
- spray
- brushes
- spatulas

(Please, do not bring us medicines that have passed their expiry date or that are set to expire within the month of donation.  Our clinic DOES NOT give expired medicines to our patients.  Receiving expired medicines mean we have to re-cycle them and this greatly adds to an already full workload.)
We are always in need of volunteer doctors of all specialties and pharmacists.

We would like to emphasize that we do not accept financial contributions.  The assistance that we gratefully can receive is of services, or contributions of needed medicines or goods.  We hope that you understand this very important regulation of our clinic. 
Please, do not bring us baby carriages, high-chairs, coats or adult clothing.

Together, we can make the impossible…POSSIBLE

Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

St. Anargyri Facility on the Brink of Despair

Translated text from the Greek Newspaper "Eleftherotypia"
Saturday 2 February 2013

The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Hellinko is extending a lifeline to the St. Anargyri residential facility in Kantza, home to fifty-two people. The residents, aged ten to sixty-two years old, have serious mental and motor disabilities.  The volunteer doctors of MCCH are caring for 100’s of our fellow citizens every day.  Now they have pitched in to help St. Anargyri, while the official social security service – EOPYY - has evaded its responsibility, in spite of the fact that they owe the facility some 300,000 Euro for care.  The situation at the institution for the last few months has been tragic.  Despite the appeals from the management of St. Anargyri to the government, no solution has been found.
“A team from The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Hellinko (MCCH) visited at the invitation of director of the institution in order to document the needs of the residents,” cardiologist George Vichas told us.  “Our team has analyzed the tragic shortcomings of the institution.  There is a lack of medication, doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists.  At this point, the facility does not have one physiotherapist, and that results in the already bad motor skills of the residents worsening day by day.  There is only one psychologist, - not enough to cover the needs of all the residents, and this is quite serious.  There is one general practitioner, but no doctors of other specialties to cover health problems which may present themselves.  For example an orthopedist for injuries from a fall, which is likely because of lack of motor skills of the residents.”
MCCH will try to cover the monthly needs of S. Anargyri as far as medicine and medical care in all the required fields.  They will also arrange for a physiotherapist to visit the residence and resume daily physiotherapy, which is essential in such cases.  Finally, psychologists from MCCH will assist the solitary existing psychologist in his heavy task. 
“The help from the people of the Community Clinic is a God-send,” says Mrs. Eleftheria Zervaki-Smyrneou, President of the Association of Parents and Guardians of Retarded Residents of St. Anargyri.  “Our organization is non-profit, and not financed by the state.  To function, it relies on the voluntary participation of the parents.  It is supervised by the Ministry of Health and Social welfare.  It looks after 52 children who are autistic, with Down Syndrome and a wide variety of psycho-kinetic disabilities.  Many of them have no parents.  The funds for St. Anargeri come exclusively from the Social Security Services (EOPYY) and the monthly contribution of the parents.  Currently, EOPPY owes us 300,000 Euro.  We find ourselves on the brink of misery because we lack basic supplies, including food, medicine, diapers bottled gas and electricity.  All of this endangers the survival of the children.  Our staff of 36 dedicated individuals has not received wages in the last four months.  Our food suppliers are threatening to stop providing us.  Can you imagine what it will be here when there is no food, no medicine, no diapers, no bottled-gas?” 

MCCH actively supports the residents of St. Anargyri facility

Helliniko 04/02/13

On Monday, January 28, 2013 a volunteer medical team of the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko (MCCH) visited the boarding facility of St Anargyri in Kantza at the invitation of the director of the institution.  The facility hosts fifty-two people with severe mental retardation motor disabilities, aged from ten to sixty- two.  The purpose of the visit was to inform the volunteer doctors of MCCH and document the needs of the residents.  MCCH’s team found serious deficiencies in medicines and doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists, and specialties absolutely necessary for the overall maintenance of status and mobility of these individuals.

After the visit, MCCH decided to assist and support this facility.  They will try to cover the monthly needs of St. Anargyri in medicine and medical care.  Specialists will make frequent visits to the institution.  MCCH’s team of psychologists will assist the institution’s solitary existing psychologist in his overwhelming work.  Finally, MCCH will also arrange for a physiotherapist to visit the residence and resume daily physiotherapy, which is essential in such cases.

Apart from this, MCCH gave the management of the foundation a large amount of materials absolutely necessary for the daily care of the residents, including medical supplies, wheelchairs, etc. 

St. Anargyri’s management described MCCH’s assistance as “lifesaving”.  We prefer to call it simple respect for diversity and respect for human existence.  Respect that we believe is owed to its citizens by a well governed state.